Patriots, Pirates, and Privateers


5 hours
In this combination dockside/sailing living history program, students step back in time to the height of the American Revolution to become privateers at the behest of the Continental Congress. The program starts off dockside with students participating in a colonial town hall meeting. While dockside, they prepare the schooner Spirit of Dana Point to go out to sea with hands-on activities such as loading cargo and learning navigation. In the afternoon, students participate as crew aboard the Spirit, raising sail, steering the ship, holding bow watch and determining the ships speed. The ship's gunner (OI staff) will demonstrate firing the cannon at sea.


Standard Pricing
42 students and 3 chaperones (45 total) Aug to Jan - $2,090 Feb to July - $2,189
Larger Group? Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Educational Standards
English SL.5.1
History & Social Science HIST 5.5
HIST 5.6
Math NF.4-4
Music Music 5
Music 3.1
Music 3.3

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Dan Goldbacher
949-496-2274 x615

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