Junior Scientist Cruise/Lab


3rd - 4th
4 hours
This program will focus on how to be a scientist in various fields and students will perform varying tasks that align with each scientist. In the lab, students will dissect a squid as a marine biologist, observe and record Horn Shark behavior as a field biologist, observe life cycles and test water quality at the Discovery Pool touch tank as a marine water quality at the Discovery Pool touch tank ass a marine ecologist, and map the seafloor using bathymetry as an oceanographer. In the program students will fill out their own scientific notebook that focuses on CER - making a Claim, providing Evidence for the claim and then providing Reasoning for their evidence. Aboard the R/V Sea Explorer, students will used and observe side scan sonar to continue their knowledge of seafloor mapping, analyze a benthic mud sample, depot a plankton net and observe plankton under microscopes in the we lab, and will learn to navigate using a bathymetric map.


Standard Pricing
up to 45 participants $1,700.00
Larger Group? Please contact us for pricing and availability.
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Robin Bundy rbundy@oceaninstitute.org
949-496-2274 x614

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