Hark! A Shark! Lab


2nd - 3rd
1 hour
The Hark! A Shark! program is in the LiteraSEA program series and explores the relationships between children's literature and science, looking at ocean-themed stories and actual marine organisms. Hark! A Shark! is a story from The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library that introduces beginning readers to important basic concepts about the world we live in. In Hark! A Shark!, students will learn about sharks and begin to understand their role and importance in ocean ecosystems. In this one-hour lab program, students will discern fact from fiction using lab equipment and aquariums to compare and contrast literary characters with live organisms.


Standard Pricing
up to 45 participants $430.00
Larger Group? Please contact us for pricing and availability.
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Robin Bundy rbundy@oceaninstitute.org
949-496-2274 x614

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