Gold Digger's Express


5 hours
Have gold fever? Learn about the California Gold Rush as you work for your passage to San Francisco to make your fortune in the gold fields. During the voyage students interact with different characters trying to convince them to stay as crew on the ship or to try their luck in the gold fields when they arrive. At the end of the program students learn about making life choices as they choose between a miner's or a sailor's life.


Standard Pricing
42 students and 3 chaperones (45 total) Aug to Jan - $1,491 Feb to July - $1,562
Larger Group? Please contact us for pricing and availability.
Educational Standards
English SL 5.1
History & Social Science HIST 4.4
Math NF.4-4
Music Music 5
Music 3.1
Music 3.3

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Program Contact

Dan Goldbacher
949-496-2274 x615

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