By the Great Horn Spoon!


4th - 5th
36 hours
During the By the Great Horn Spoon! program, Ocean Institute instructors take on the role of authentic characters from the Gold Rush, creating a realistic experience for your class. As students become immersed in the experience, they explore the challenges faced by Forty-Niners and how lessons learned in the past relate to our lives today. This program utilizes the book of the same title as a basis for students to explore the life and times of a sailor-turned-forty-niner during the California Gold Rush. During the two days spent in this program, students will have the opportunity to explore the lives of sailors through dockside activities and a sail on our schooner, The Spirit of Dana Point. In the evening, students head to the Lazy W to meet the Camp Boss and get a taste of what a forty-niner’s life may have been like once they reached the gold fields.


Standard Pricing
28 - 112 participants Minimum Guarantee $6,100

Additional Activity Group Cost depending on number of participants
Educational Standards
English W.4.4
History & Social Science 4.3.3

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Patricia Pegram
949-496-2274 x311

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